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Even the greatest playgrounds can provide risks if the equipment is installed improperly, broken, physically worn, vandalized, or degraded by the passage of time. Playground safety may begin with design. This is why every playground’s safety program must include a safety assessment and routine preventative maintenance inspections.

Safety checks

An audit of playground safety is a one-time procedure that concentrates on ensuring that the existing standard of care is being followed. Such audits should, if possible, be carried out by an employee or playground inspectors who have successfully completed the Qualified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) course from the Federal Playground Safety Institute.

Maintenance check-ups

Regular maintenance inspections are carried out, with an emphasis on any immediate dangers brought on by outdated or defective machinery, such as old swing hangers or broken fasteners. Inspecting the swing hanger for wear shouldn’t be the only item on a maintenance schedule. Change it to “Replace swing hinge when worn to 50% of original diameter” instead.

We will work with you to create a maintenance schedule for the play areas and equipment at your school or childcare facility. A personalized maintenance guide is included with every device upon delivery. Step-by-step directions regarding how to check each item are provided on illustrated papers. Also, a “Guide to the Timing of Inspections” that is included might help you weigh the many aspects of creating a maintenance schedule.

How Can Playground Equipment be Purchased?

Our staff has a wealth of industry knowledge, and we are aware that ordering expensive goods online might be scary. Yet as a market leader in commercial playgrounds, we are here to allay your concerns by offering you a full service that eliminates all uncertainty when purchasing children’s playground equipment. Your custom playground design doesn’t require you to devote much time or effort because the process has been streamlined: Then, our Playground Specialists will assess the size and dimensions of the space you have available. They will then take into account the youngsters you are accommodating in terms of their physical and developmental needs. After that has been decided, they involve staying under the designated spending limit and ensuring your outside play.

The project’s equipment complies fully with guidelines and maximizes play value.

From early playground equipment made for toddlers and preschoolers up to and including school-age children, we offer a huge assortment of outdoor safe playground equipment. To ensure that kids of all ages will have joy on your external play equipment, our outdoor parks are thoughtfully built to integrate accessibility as well.

Any playground equipment for children should always put safety first. Our safety surfacing comes in a variety of colors, materials, and pricing ranges. When you get in touch with us for a quote for a playground, our specialists will also offer you some suggestions for surfacing. You may be surprised to learn how economical playground surfacing may be. an essential component of outdoor safe playground equipment that truly prioritizes safety.