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Gym mats and leather flooring are vital components your firm must not overlook, even though having kits is necessary for members to attain their full potential. Your gym will be shielded from harm by high-quality sports rubber flooring. Gym floor tiles can be scraped by heavy equipment’s sheer weight and sharp edges, which will cost you a lot to fix. Not to add that potential new members find scrapes and scuffs to be ugly.

Anti-fatigue gym floor mats are also pro, which helps maintain stability, grip, and footing during exercise and ensure the safety of your athlete. High-density EVA foams are used here massive interlocking floor mats to provide a safe cushion and help stabilize from falls.

Easy to install are these interlocking rubber mats. that any personal trainer may install them without much guidance. They are also simple to maintain, replace, and put away. We have a wide selection of gym floor mats available for purchase, including workout mats that are suitable for anyone interested in fitness along with wall shields and pole protectors that are ideal for martial arts gyms.

In Australia, we are a direct business – to – business wholesaler of gym supplies, martial arts equipment, and gym floor mats. Our goal as a provider of exercise flooring and mats is to support the expansion of your company by offering top-notch fitness equipment at competitive prices. In order to allow you to concentrate on your business, we also provide a buy now, pay later solution with no interest. To find out more about the best gym mats ground appliances, get in touch with us.

Gymnastics Air track Mat, 10’ft Inflated

  • extra space features: At maximum inflation, this inflatable gymnastic tumbling mat is almost 10 feet long (3 m), more than 3 feet broad (1 m), and 4″ thick (10 cm).
  • 10′ of space is ideal for working out, playing, fighting arts, and more! a mat for yoga and exercise that is both secure and pleasant.
  • Vinyl, 1.2 mm: Our exercise mat is made of 1.2mm-thick, non-slip vinyl fabric, which is safe for human use but makes it extremely durable against wear, tears, and abrasion.
  • Packs Despite its small size, our outdoor & indoor mat deflates significantly more than conventional gym mats, achieving a wonderfully portable size of barely an inch or two in each direction, allowing it to transport or store. storage at home and are convenient to transport to a park or a neighbor’s house
  • Electric Air Pump Included: Your gym mat can be inflated or deflated within a minute with the help of the electric air compressor, making it more practical and user-friendly.

Order now with the confidence that we offer a one-year warranty and helpful customer assistance around-the-clock. Tumbling Mat for the Home ack Our air track mat is inflatable.

Sets up quickly in practically any place, whether inside or outside, in your living room, a park, or on the beach.

only takes a minute to inflate and deflate

Air track mats can be adjusted to any pressure, ranging from very firm to very mild. fewer repetitive motion injuries than conventional gymnastics, martial arts, and fitness mats. Suitable for a wide range of users and activities, including young children’s gymnastics, college students’ martial arts, and senior citizens’ fitness. Using its integrated handles, it collapses for simple transportation inside the home or in your vehicle or truck. For more information visit our website: